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Ministry of Health looking to update school food guidelines

The guidelines in terms of what food can be served at schools across BC could see some changes in the near future.

2022 draft has been put together by the Ministry of Health, and parents and school staff are being asked for their opinions in a survey.

The last time new guidelines were set was back in 2013.

Instead of having three categories dividing food into sell most, sell sometimes, and do not sell, there will be two categories, broken down into foods to avoid, and food to offer, sell, or serve.

Where there was once specific guidelines for elementary schools and secondary schools, the updated draft is looking for the same guidance for both.

Teachers are also being encouraged to use the Teach Food First website to teach students about food and nutrition.

The new guidelines are also looking to be food based, instead of nutrition based, and is aiming to reach what it calls the gold standard for nutrition.

The survey is being offered until April 30th, and the Ministry has been offering webinars to discuss the rationale behind the updated draft.

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