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Local Supply Company look to town council to approve paddle board rentals at Lake Kathlyn

Local Supply Company is hoping to provide a stand up paddle board rental operation this summer at Lake Kathlyn Beach, according to a letter sent to council.

A letter from the store said that for the past five summers they have been providing the rentals at Tyhee Lake but due to logistical issues they would like to move it to Lake Kathlyn.

Town staff said this is the first time they have received a request like this but if approved staff would process the rental operation as a standard licensing occupation agreement.

Mayor Gladys Atrill said that providing this service is a way of providing energy to the community.

“I do think this is exciting that a business is looking into a way to expand their offerings, lots of businesses have had challenges and this is one who is figuring out how can we make our product more available to consumers where they want to use them,” she said.

Atrill added that having activities where people would want to use them is a great idea.

Councillor Frank expressed concerns about the idea because it is a new request.

“I just think that we need to have a process in place before we allow someone to do it [prove rentals] and then that way the opportunity is there for both Local Supply and Aquabotics to take advantage of it right from the word go,” he said.

No decision has been made regarding the request but council have asked staff to bring forward a report at a future council meeting.

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