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BC SPCA launching AnimalKind program for pet businesses

The BC SPCA is launching a new program to help pet owners decide which pet-related services may be best for them.

According to the BC SPCA, pet care services are not regulated in B.C., including, grooming, dog daycare, dog walkers, and kennels and boarding facilities.

“That means that [pet owners] are going to be solely responsible for figuring out if the pet business they go to is providing humane care for their animals,” said Nicole Fenwick, BC SPCA Manager of Research and Standards.

“There’s no oversight or third party that’s checking on those businesses.”

Fenwick says the BC SPCA is launching the AnimalKind program, which will create evidence based standards, and then accredit businesses that provide animal-related services.

“For example, we have a list of AnimalKind accredited dog trainers, that people can turn to, and know that those dog trainers are going to provide humane training for their dogs,” Fenwick said.

Fenwick added they’re still in the very early stages of  the program.

‘What were asking is those who work in these businesses or run these businesses, and also pet guardians, we’re asking them for feedback to let us know what they think about the standards we’ve written so far,” Fenwick said,

“Once we’ve got all that feedback, then we’ll revise those standards and publish them on our website.”

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