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Community members reminded to wear lifejackets around the water

As the long weekend approaches the Bulkley Valley Pool and Rec Centre is reminding people to put their life jackets on.

This is as today (Thursday) is National LifeJacket Day which is an awareness program through the Canadian Red Cross.

BV Pool and Rec Centre Manager Tamara Gillis said what the goal of the campaign is.

“It’s just reminding people before they head out on the water for the long weekend to remind people how important life jackets are,” she said. .

Gillis also explains why it is important to wear a lifejacket.

“A lot of things can happen unexpectedly when you are out and around the water so, for instance, falling off a dock or falling out of a boat so, wearing a life jacket means that your airway and your head is going to stay out of water,” she said.

Gillis is also reminding the community that the water has not had a chance to warm even if the weather has.

A toonie swim is also being held today until 9p.m. for anyone who brings a lifejacket to the pool.

Additionally, a colouring activity will be available for kids where they have the possibility to win prizes from local businesses.


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