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Junior A hockey team coming to Burns Lake this fall

Burns Lake will soon be the home to its very own Junior A Hockey Team.

The Greater Metro Hockey League (GMHL) West Division confronted the Village of Burns Lake expressing an interest in having a hockey team in the community in the fall.

The Mayor and Council approved of having the team earlier this year.

According to Director of Players Alex Dyck the league has already started putting together a team for Burns Lake.

So far, two players have been signed to the team.

Dyck said that there has been a lot of interest for players wanting to join the team.

“There’s a lot of interest in general in joining the GMHL as we’re one of the fastest growing junior leagues within Canada and our advancement is fairly impressive over the last three years,” he said.

Dyck added that while they have been having camps to recruit players there has also been interest by players through social media and websites.

He also said one of the biggest staples in the league is community development.

“Making sure that our players are interactive within the community, not only for the community’s benefit but also for the players benefit because we feel like there’s a lot of skills to be gained within volunteering and putting yourself out there,” Dyck said.

Additionally, he said there is a lot of excitement for the teams in the small and rural communities.

The season is scheduled to start this fall.

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