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Lakes Animal Friendship release new songs to teach kids about animal safety

The Lakes Animal Friendship Society is looking to teach children about caring for and how to be safe around animals through song.

The main themes of the songs include dog bite safety, animal care and compassion.

Lakes Animal Friendship Society partnered with Grassy Plains resident Lowry Olafson who helped the society rework five songs that were released in the past and create a brand new interactive song “My Dog Scruff”.

Volunteer Alistair Schroff said he believes the songs will be helpful to teach kids how to care and be safe around animals.

“We tried to keep the message as fairly simple and catchy. If you look at a song like Rock and Tree where it’s talking about what to do if a strange dog comes up to you, those sorts of steps and through processes are kind of built right into it,” he said.

Schroff added the songs were a part of the major re-do of the education materials for the society during the COVID-19 pandemic.

He also explained why they chose the topics for the songs.

“We picked the topics that were most relevant to our overall program so, we started at the most basic like with care and dog bite safety, how to meet a dog, what to do with a strange dog so, those are kind of core things we deal with in our program,” Schroff said.

He added that the society is already tossing ideas around for the next set of singalong songs.

The songs can be found on the LAFS website or on all major streaming platforms.

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