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HomeNewsSuspect in December 2020 break and enter pleads guilty to charges

Suspect in December 2020 break and enter pleads guilty to charges

One of the men accused has pleaded guilty to charges in relation to a break and enter that left an elderly woman injured in December 2020.

Eugene Tom pleaded guilty to Break and Enter and commit an indictable offence during a court appearance this morning (Monday).

He appeared in court by video call from the Kamloops Correctional Facility where he is currently being held.

The attack occurred on December 18, 2020 at around 2:30 a.m. where Tom and another individual broke inside of the home.

The Crown said at the time of the attack the 88 year-old woman was the only one home at the time and was asleep with her hearing aids out.

She was then woken up by lights being turned on where she then called out to ask if anyone was there.

Bear Spray was then discharged inside of the home and the woman then felt her nose and mouth were in pain.

The Crown added the woman was then taken to hospital but did not sustain any long lasting injuries but continued to feel vulnerable in her own home.

When police investigated the home they found a TV and laptop were stolen.

16 hours after the attack Tom was pulled over during a traffic stop where police found the laptop, TV and a can of bear spray.

The Crown and Defence have agreed for Tom to serve a three year sentence for the offence with an additional 90 days for an incident that occurred in Merrit.

He is being granted credit for the 325 days he has served so far prior to his plea with an additional credit of 163 which will result for a total of 488 days.

Tom will continue to serve a close to two years for the two offences.

As for the second individual, the charges have been dropped according to the BC Prosecution Service.

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