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Houston Nature Centre hosts salmon fry event

The Houston Nature Centre released some of its Salmon Fry over the weekend.

Coho Salmon Fry were released into the Upper Bulkley River Saturday morning (Jun 11).

According to Project Coordinator Cindy Verbeek, only 77 of the salmon were released during the fry event.

She added that the river is high at the moment so, the remaining 3,500 will be released within the next two weeks along different areas around the watershed.

Verbeek said what the goal of the release is for the Nature Centre.

“We’re just hoping to increase the number of Coho salmon in the system. Toboggan Creek releases Chinook salmon for our river as well and it’s just the salmon stocks are really struggling and this is just one small way that we can help,” she said.

This is the seventh year the salmon fry release has been occurring.

Verbeek also said the event is loved by the community.

“Every year we get new people or we get more people it’s just getting bigger and bigger and I think this obviously an annual event but, we also have events going all throughout the summer,” she said.

Verbeek added that 95 people attended the event to release the salmon.

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