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HomeNewsCoast Mountain College student forms safe spaces movement on campus

Coast Mountain College student forms safe spaces movement on campus

A Coast Mountain College student is working towards making the campus more inclusive.

Lily Trimmer is in the process of creating the Safe Spaces Movement which has a goal of better connecting with students on campus.

According to Trimmer, this group would meet once or twice a week to discuss issues, visibility on campus and is a space to feel welcome and safe in.

She added that she is hoping to broaden the safe spaces movement to include more minority groups, like international students that are on campus.

Trimmer said while this group is only at Terrace right now she would like to see it reach other campuses.

“I think this will be a very good addition for any or all campuses. I’m pretty certain that just by principle it would be the right thing to have,” she said.

Trimmer added that a big part of the group right now is making it known that it is available.

Staff approached Trimmer to start the group because she said she is one of the only visibly LGBTQQIA+ students on campus.

Trimmer also said it is so important to let the queer community and visible minority groups to feel welcome.

“It can be really hard integrating into a community if you don’t feel welcome and it can be really hard to find needed support if you don’t feel welcome. You always worry about people who could fall through the cracks who otherwise could have done great things,” she said.

Anyone looking to be involved with the group or to start one at another campus is being encouraged to contact Lily at [email protected].

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