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Gunmen in Saanich bank robbery identified as twin brothers in Saanich bank robbery identified as twin brothers

The two suspects in Tuesday’s shooting at a bank in Saanich have been identified.

The two deceased males are 22-year-old twin brothers, Mathew and Isaac Autcherlonie from Duncan, BC.

According to police, neither brother had criminal records, or were known to police.

“We understand that the release of the names of the two deceased may answer the ‘who’, buth there are still many outstanding questions and investigation efforts that need to take place in order to fully understand what took place and why,” said Cpl. Alex Berube.

“The motive behind the armed robbery and subsequent exchange of gunfire with police has not yet been determined. We believe there could be people out there that may have more information about the brothers, their recent activities and travels, and we need those people tp come forward and speak to police.”

The Vancouver Island Integrated Major Crime Unit (VIIMCU) has also confirmed the brothers are connected with a a 4-door 1992 Toyota Camry with black racing stripes that was released on Thursday.

4-door 1992 Toyota Camry with racing stripes (Supplied by RCMP)

At this time, the investigation has determined only two suspects were in the bank, but police are continuing to look into whether anyone else was involved or associated to Tuesday’s events.

The VIIMCU is continuing their investigation, while the Independent Investigations Office of BC is conducting a concurrent investigation.

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