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Northern Health issues statement after concerning social media post

“It has an impact on our staff and physicians,”

That’s from Northern Health spokesperson Eryn Collins after the health authority found out about some harmful comments made by someone who claimed to be employed by the health authority.

Collins told Vista Radio after further investigation, there was no official record of employment on the person in question.

“We have issued a statement on social media to let people know that we have investigated. We have no record by that name on the profile that was commenting being a Northern Health employee or being affiliated in any way with our programs or services.”

“This has a negative impact on our staff and physicians and we just really wanted to make it clear to people that we have shared their concerns, and they have been looked into. There is no record if in fact, they are a real individual has ever been employed by Northern Health.”

Collins added the post was tracked to a non-Northern Health media channel in the northwest portion of the province.

“The challenge of social media is that there is no requirement for people to be truthful when they indicate where they are employed, where they are from, or if in fact who they actually are. We did have an experience with this four years ago where people were looking at the profile of someone who had made some comments and based on what they were seeing was someone employed by the health authority and it was a similar situation.”

The statement can be found here.

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