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New Smithers art exhibit highlights Indigenous art

The Smithers Art Gallery has launched its latest exhibit which features 14 regional artists.

Northern Indigenous Perspectives is driven and informed by an Indigenous Creative Team which highlights the diversity of artists and art from across the North.

The exhibit will feature Indigenous artwork that crosses barriers through media, subject matter and traditions.

Additionally, it explores the character of each individual artist, inspired by and respectful of tradition and represents their interpretation of that tradition.

Art Gallery Manager Nicole Chernish said while she’s had the idea since starting at the galley about a year and a half ago is when she reached out to curator Stephanie Anderson about the idea.

“What this show does is that this gallery space is open and accessible and a place where people can have their voices heard and I think that the fact we are able to represent a bit more of the diversity in our community is fantastic and this is step one,” she said.

Chernish added that this is the beginning of highlighting the artists that we have in the region.

She also said that she would like to see a future exhibition similar to this one.

“We hope to see that group exhibitions like this continue over the years and that we hope that we’ll see some of these artists want to have their own solo show at some point as well,” Chernish said.

The gallery will be hosting an exhibit this evening where several artists will be in attendance and the Ewk Hiya Hozdli Dance Group from Witset will welcome the artwork with drumming.

The exhibit can be seen at the Gallery on Main Street Tuesday’s to Saturday’s until August 6.

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