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HomeNewsHeat warning in effect for the Bulkley Valley, Lakes District

Heat warning in effect for the Bulkley Valley, Lakes District

Environment Canada has issued a Heat Warning for much of the province this week including the Bulkley Valley and Lakes District.

Daytime highs are anticipated to reach the mid thirties and early morning temperatures are to reach 12 to 14 degrees.

According to Environment Canada, a strong ridge of high pressure is what is beginning the heat wave to the province.

Meteorologist Bobby Sekhon said the heat will be for most of the week.

“The peak heat seems to be between Wednesday and Friday but nonetheless it’s forecasted to be above 30 tomorrow as well so, really it’s most of the week and towards the end of the week is when we might start to see the heat back off a bit,” he said.

Sekhon added that it could be possible by the middle of the week that daily records could be broken around the area.

He also provided tips for the community on how to keep cool during these warm temperatures.

“If you don’t have access to an AC you could possibly look into going to something like a library or rec centre for some air conditioning during the day, also taking some cool baths could be one way to cool down,” Sekhon said.

Additionally, he is reminding people to check on the vulnerable population and to drink water and to not wait until you are thirsty.

He also said for those wanting to spend the day outdoors to avoid periods where the heat and the UV index is really high.

The higher UV index is between the hours of 11am until 3 pm with the highest heat is around 5 p.m.

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