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Lack of taxi service tabled at Smithers Council meeting

Tourism Smithers has expressed concern about the lack of taxi service available in the community.

In a letter sent to council they said it has been causing loss of business, meetings, sport fishing and hunting.

It also said that trips have been cancelled because of the service lack and no rental cars available.

According to Councillor Greg Brown, this is becoming a persistent problem and it’s affecting the community.

“What can we do? Like, we can convene conversations so, we could strike a select committee with a task of coming prepared and report for council but it would generally be for them or the community to explore options,” he said.

Council approved discussing the issue at the Standard Committee of Strategic Priorities.

Councillor Frank Way said that some of the work will also have to come from the community.

“If the community wishes for council to be involved then that’s probably part of our job and as councillors it might be just us attending informally,” he said.

Bulkley Valley Taxi and Transport discontinued the service in May nearly two years after opening its doors after BV Taxi closed its doors in January 2020.

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