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HomeNewsCampers victim of theft on campground and home, RCMP investigating

Campers victim of theft on campground and home, RCMP investigating

Police are reminding people to keep their items locked up and secure after campers had their campsite and home robbed.

This occurred last weekend at Tyhee Lake Provincial Park where items were taken from inside a vehicle at the campground.

Among the items taken were a wallet, phone and keys.

“It is believed that the suspects likely referenced the insurance papers or the victims drivers license to obtain a home address, knowing it would most likely have been unoccupied. The suspect or suspects broke into the victims residence and stole a number of items including firearms,” Cpl. Madonna Saunderson with the North District RCMP said.

She added that the suspects also stole a vehicle that was left on the property after keys were located inside of the home.

The vehicle was then abandoned along the Telkwa High Road.

Saunderson also said that there were several other thefts that occurred in the area.

“The RCMP have increased patrols in that area. We certainly are asking anyone with information to call the RCMP.,” she said.

Saunderson added that the reported thefts are likely opportunistic where valuables were left in vehicles and doors were unlocked.

The investigation remains ongoing.

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