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HomeNewsRoadside workers at increased risk over long weekend

Roadside workers at increased risk over long weekend

Working in traffic is a higher risk job on a slow day. On a long weekend, it gets a lot more serious.

According to worksafe BC, two roadside workers were killed in the province last year by being hit by a vehicle on the job. 12 have died in the last decade, and another 221 have been injured to the point of missing work.

Trace Akres, Program Director for Road Safety at Work and spokesperson for the annual Cone Zone safety awareness campaign says “Driving too fast and not paying attention in a Cone Zone puts roadside workers at risk.”

Construction and maintenance crews are at risk, but they are not alone. “We’re also talking about landscapers, municipal workers, tow truck operators, utility workers, movers, and delivery van drivers. Also watch for flashing lights and slow down when you see emergency and enforcement personnel.”

When encountering construction, stay slow. Nobody wants to start off the long weekend with an accident or heavy fine.

Speeding tickets on cone zones start at $196, distracted driving or phone use tickets start at $368.

“Every roadside worker in and around Prince George deserves to make it home to their family at the end of their shift without injury,” says Acres.

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