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HomeNewsVanderhoof International Airshow's return was a "very successful" community effort

Vanderhoof International Airshow’s return was a “very successful” community effort

The Vanderhoof International airshow took off for the first time since the pandemic for 4,000 spectators.

Anne Stevens, the Airshow’s Program Director, says the show was “very successful, everything ran very smoothly.”

2022 Vanderhoof International Airshow (photo by Airrays Drone Services, supplied by VH Airshow)

“The changes that we made over previous years were really successful” Stevens said.

According to her, one of the highlights of the event were the Geronimo Skydivers, who made their second jump in superhero costumes. The kids loved it.

Stevens said that post-COVID, the “big funders” that normally contribute to the event were absent, and that they were close to cancelation.

“This was an absolute community effort. So

A Geronimo Skydiver at the 2022 Vanderhoof International Airshow (photo by Geronimo Skydivers, supplied by VH Airshow)

many businesses contributed right from small mom and pop shops, everyone helped out as they could.”

The support from Vanderhoof and the northern community saved the event.

The plan moving forward is for the airshow to return to it’s biennial schedule, and be back in 2024.

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