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HomeNewsSam Raven announces intent to run for council

Sam Raven announces intent to run for council

Local activist Sam Raven says she will once again be running for a council seat during this year’s municipal election.

This is the second time she will be running for the position as she ran during the 2020 by-election after Gladys Atrill stepped down to run for mayor.

According to Raven, the previous election was challenging because it was in the middle of the COVID-19 pandemic and most of her campaign was done virtually.

She said the campaign during the byelection was a big learning curve for her.

“I learned quite a bit about talking to people and listening and also issues that I wasn’t even aware of. When you start talking to people and they start bringing things forward you go wow, I never heard that or I wasn’t aware of that,” Raven said.

She added that during this campaign it is going to be a lot more face to face which she is looking forward to.

Raven also said that she decided to run because she is seeing and experiencing the challenges much of our community is facing.

“Everyone is dealing with rising costs so, how can we tackle that at a municipal level? So, looking at rent, looking at more affordable housing options and all those ways we can hopefully create a positive impact for those living here,” she said.

So far, Raven is the first person to express her interest in running as a councilor during the election.

Mayor Gladys Atrill has also announced that she intends to run again for mayor.

Nomination packages are available for pick up at Town Hall with nomination period ending on September 9.

General election day is on Saturday, October 15.

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