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Daily temperature record broke for Bulkley Valley, Lakes

The Bulkley Valley and Lakes District broke a 34 year old daily temperature record.

Yesterday (Thursday), the region reached 29.8 degrees which is nearly a degree warmer than the previous record of 28.9 degrees.

According to Meteorologist Bobby Sekhon, there was a ridge of high pressure across the province.

He said that the Bulkley Valley and Lakes were not the only area that saw a broken temperature record.

“It’s not super out of the ordinary but, definitely to get higher temperatures later in August the chance becomes less and less so, to see temperatures in the high twenties like that is a little unusual but not out of the realm of possibilities,” Sekhon said.

He added that the weather in the area is expected to cool down.

Sekhon also said that with the cooler temperatures there is also the possibility of precipitation.

“Over the next few days we can expect temperatures to get a little bit cooler through the weekend. For example on Sunday (Aug 28) we only have a high of 16 degrees and also with that we’re going to see shower activity,” he said.

Sekhon added that we are currently in a transition period from Summer to Fall temperatures.

The average high for this time of year is 20.1 degrees.

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