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HomeNewsBulkley Valley, Lakes District has fourth warmest summer

Bulkley Valley, Lakes District has fourth warmest summer

The Bulkley Valley and Lakes District had its warmest August on record, according to Environment Canada.

The region saw an average temperature of 17.4 degrees compared to the average of 14.6.

Meteorologist Doug Lundquist said that this summer is also being considered the fourth warmest.

“The summer as a whole was really really close to average for precipitation so you’re pretty close to right on,” he said.

Lundquist added that during August 32 millimeters of rain fell compared to the average of 44 millimeters.

He said as for the upcoming fall season it is expected to be warmer than average.

“It’s probably not the end of the warmer temperature but, with that being said we’re in the downhill stretch now the temperatures will start like a rock over the next couple of months,” Lundquist said.

He added that during the month of June when the region saw precipitation it helped with the warmer temperatures and the wildfire season.

Lundquist said the next couple of days are supposed to be warmer with the temperatures reaching the low to mid twenties.

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