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HomeNewsWhat was that? Earthquake shakes Prince George

What was that? Earthquake shakes Prince George

Update 5:00 PM

“It was lightly felt by residents,”

That’s from Earthquakes Canada Seismologist, Taimi Mulder after a magnitude 3.4 quake 32 kilometres southwest of Prince George occurred just after 3 pm today (Wednesday).

Mulder told Vista Radio that earthquakes of this magnitude typically don’t cause any damage – it usually has to reach 5.5 or higher in order for that to occur.

“There have been earthquakes of that magnitude in the past. There is one that happened in 1986 that was a magnitude 5.4 but since then, they have typically been in the 3.5 range.”

EmergencyInfoBC and Earthquakes Canada are both reporting the tremor was a magnitude 3.4. No serious damages have been reported, and none are expected.

“The building code designs are such now that buildings won’t collapse and this is just around the area where you might start to see the damage. In general, there is not too much worry for residents of Prince George,” added Mulder.

In addition, Mulder mentioned this is a pretty rare occurrence for the PG area.

“Earthquakes are not common in that area, however, they are not unknown. It’s not unreasonable to have an earthquake of this magnitude but they are few and far between – probably once a decade.”

Original Story: 3:20pm:

Where were you at 3:07pm?

A rare earthquake hit Prince George this afternoon, sending a brief tremor through homes and workplaces.

The quake is currently estimated to be magnitude 4.1, low on the Richter scale.

We will have more information as it becomes available.

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