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The Time to Switch to Winter Tires is Fast Approaching

The 14th annual Shift into Winter campaign is coming up, with support from the Winter Driving Safety Alliance and Managed by Road Safety at Work (RSAW).

In a news release from RSAW, they said that crashes double during winter months, as road and weather conditions could change quickly.

“In the winter time, we’re dealing with lower temperatures when your tires may be a little more stiff and don’t adhere to the roads as well.” says Trace Acres, Program Director with Road Safety at Work.

“You might be dealing with more rain in certain areas, or icy conditions in the morning. There’s less daylight during the winter hours.”

He added that it’s not just snow that’s poses a risk for drivers, which is why it’s important to pay attention when driving during the winter.

B.C. law requires drivers to obey winter tire and chain signs across the province on October 1st. For select highways, including mountain passes and rural routes in high snowfall areas, the requirement extends to April 30th.

Acres noted that tires that do comply with the law include the snowflake and mountain peak tires with fairly aggressive tread pattern, or mud and snow tires provided that they’re in good shape.

Some ways to be prepared for the winter include preparing your vehicle and yourself, check road and weather conditions, increase your following distance, and accelerate and brake slowly.

For more information on the campaign, and winter tires, you can visit the Shift into Winter website here.

With Files from Zachary Barrowcliff, My Cariboo Now

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