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HomeNews"Political parties could re-evaluate how they select leaders,": UNBC Political Science Lecturer

“Political parties could re-evaluate how they select leaders,”: UNBC Political Science Lecturer

UNBC Political Science Lecturer Jason Morris believes the NDP would have been better served to pause its leadership race and weeding out any illegal memberships.

This comes as David Eby is the new party leader and will eventually become the incoming premier at a later date.

Eby was essentially acclaimed as Anjali Appadurai was disqualified after violating party rules by using outside groups to recruit new members to vote.

Morris told Vista Radio while conflict is anything but taboo, the way it shook down was somewhat shocking.

“Scandal and corruption and in leadership races is unfortunately nothing new in all the new parties and the NDP has been through it all before but past examples didn’t see candidates being outright disqualified.”

“Historically, leadership races energize and renew parties. They renew ideas and people and to have essentially an acclaimed candidate takes the wind out of the sail and makes the governing NDP look like they are lacking interest in British Columbians.”

He added based on the outcome, some minor changes could be made the next time any party is faced with naming a new figurehead.

“We could be seeing political parties re-evaluate how they select leaders. We could see a return to some kind of in-person delegate convention model or maybe some mix of that with the mail-in. I think it will become a lot harder to become a leader under party rules.”

“I find it quite surprising and disappointing that literally an upstart Twitch streamer could crowdfund an entrance fee and sign up a bunch of members and take over a party within a matter of months. Now, Appadurai is not that person but, in a so-called grassroots party used external organizations to try and essentially win the leadership in an under-handed manner,” added Morris.

Premier John Horgan is slated to step down later this year due to health reasons.

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