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24 people in Northern Health have received an organ transplant so far in 2022

Just over 60% of all organ recipients in BC received a new kidney in 2022.

However, BC Transplant said another 435 people are on a waiting list for a kidney.

Province-wide 344 transplants have taken place, down from last year’s total of 529.

Medical Director for Organ Donation, Dr. Sean Meehan told Vista Radio registrations have remained flat but they hope to revive those numbers with the pandemic a lot less dangerous.

“We are not seeing any more registering than in the past but we hope that we will be able to get out and get back to a more normal approach in meeting people and encouraging them to register.”

“It’s been a time where many things including the potential to get out and head to different events have not been possible over the last couple of years.”

Meehan also explained why kidneys continue to be in such high demand.

“By its nature, people with kidney failure as they often can, live on dialysis for decades. There are always more people on the waiting list for kidneys than for the others but we clearly value all organs.”

The second-highest transplant in the province is liver where 77 procedures have been done as of October 3rd.

So far this year, 24 people in Northern Health have received a transplant – that’s down from the 2021 tally of 39.

Our region has also seen three deceased donors this year.

One other interesting stat of note is the number of transplant recipients receiving follow-up care in BC has gone from 3,793 in 2014 to 5,721 in 2021.

BC has just under 1.6 million organ donors registered.

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