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BC gamblers divided over US Midterm Elections

The 2022 US mid-term elections are expected to garner a lot of interest from gamblers according to the BC Lottery Corporation.

Currently, the Democrats retain a slim majority in the Senate but are considered longshots to win as the Republicans have been aggressive on key issues like abortion rights, the economy, immigration, climate change, and gun control.

Gamblers on seem to be divided on who will take control of the Senate with 49% of the bets going on the Republicans to win the most seats while the remaining 51% is being wagered on the Democrats.

Spokesperson, Matt Lee told Vista Radio they expect a lot of interest after what they saw two years during the last American election.

“The 2020 US election has the distinction of being the most popular single-event betting event in history and more than 1.4 million dollars was wagered on the US with 68% of the wagers on Donald Trump to win.”

Lee added the results of the midterms will either help or hinder Donald Trump’s chance of re-running for President in 2024.

“We have seen already that Donald Trump has sort of laid the groundwork for running once again and President Joe Biden has come under fire a little bit given the current states of the US economy as well.”

“We are anticipating 2024, albeit it two years away, that US election will be just as popular.”

Only 5% of bettors are predicting a second term for Joe Biden while other possible winning candidates in 2024 include Republican Ron DeSantis and current Vice-President Kamala Harris.

Bettors still seem to be in favour of Trump who has over 25% of the bets placed on him to win in 2024.

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