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PG-Valemount MLA says name change to BC United would be a positive move

“Promise made, promise kept,”

That’s from Prince George-Valemount MLA Shirley Bond after 80% of BC Liberal members voted in favour of changing the party’s name to BC United.

Bond told Vista Radio while that process won’t be completed until the new year, this is one small step to becoming a party that fits the values of all residents.

“It’s also about the policies and vision we will have for the province. Members spoke clearly about their decision to change the name but it really is part of an extended exciting process as we look forward to an exciting renewal of the party overall.”

“Our preference is to move forward with implementation as quickly as we can but, we also want to make sure that we don’t control the timing of the next election. We will be taking all of those things into account.”

Another big reason for the name change, which is on the verge of taking place, is to get wash away the wrongful notion that BC’s Liberals were affiliated with the federal Liberals.

Bond stated many members felt the current name held back conservative voters from supporting them.

“We are a party that unites people that may have somewhat different political perspectives and we want to reflect that in our name so I think (the new name) will be a helpful change.”

“We have always been a big-tent, coalition party. We welcome British Columbians that have the same values that we do and they may not be on the left or the right, it’s just a big tent coalition party. So, from my perspective, one of the things that are important to me is that it will clear up any confusion.”

The next steps will now include a ratification process to its constitution, which will be part of a convention set to take place in 2023.

Tomorrow (Friday), David Eby will be sworn-in as BC’s 37th Premier by Lt. Governor Janet Austin.

Eby replaces John Horgan who stepped down this summer due to health reasons.

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