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“I don’t see the need for one,”: UNBC Political Science Lecturer sees little benefit to 2023 BC snap election

You can count UNBC Political Science Lecturer Jason Morris as one of many who does not want to see a snap election in BC next year.

Morris told Vista Radio Premier David Eby is in a much different position than John Horgan was when he called a snap election in October 2020.

“Premier Eby has a large majority, he has a large surplus (5.7 billion dollars) and he has an opposition party that’s changing its name.”

Morris added Eby and the governing NDP have a lot more to lose this time if they force BC residents to go to the polls early.

“I would say if a government doesn’t follow that (October 2024 fixed date) they are going to lose credibility in other areas like the Premier’s 100-day plan for different issues. Maybe they should just amend that so that there is no wiggle room to go early. It puts other parties at a disadvantage.”

Despite the recent rumors, Eby has vowed to wait until the fixed election date in October of 2024 following an exclusive interview with Vista Radio.

“I was all across the province, people raised a lot of issues with me and not one of them said we needed another election. I am committed to addressing the issues people are raising with me, and my colleagues and delivering for people across the province. We didn’t get into politics to run elections, we got into politics to build a province for people and to support them with the issues they face in their communities.”

“And that’s what you are going to see from us over the next two years before the next election date and then British Columbians will be able to evaluate our performance, see the progress we’re making on those issues and it’s my hope it will lead us to be in government again at that time.”

However, BC Greens Leader Sonia Fursetenau is opening nominations just in case an election is called early.

However, Morris stated fringe parties like the Greens have bigger things to worry about.

“It’s important for minor parties like the Greens to do their best to always be ready but they will have changes beyond just when an election is taking place, like getting enough candidates to get a full slate.”

Yesterday, Eby announced his new cabinet which includes twenty-three ministers and four ministers of state.

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