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HomeNewsSix BC children have died so far this fall from influenza

Six BC children have died so far this fall from influenza

Doctor Bonnie Henry says the province will now be posting weekly updates on the number of children who die of influenza.

The move by the province’s health officer comes after confirmation that six children have died from the flu so far this fall.

B-C usually sees two or three pediatric flu deaths during an entire season.

Henry admits this is an unusual flu season, with a dramatic surge in cases among young people.

But she remains unconvinced that a return to mask mandates is needed.

Henry is, again, urging parents to have their children immunized, and says people should be wearing face masks in enclosed public spaces.

In addition, Canada’s doctors say Canadians will continue to suffer unless they take action to slow the spread of respiratory viruses that are overloading our healthcare system.

The Canadian Medical Association notes the current wave of influenza, R-S-V, and COVID-19 is particularly affecting children……and there are fears that older adults could eventually be affected.

The Association wants governments to address staff shortages in the medical field.

It also says individual Canadians must help, by getting vaccinated, staying home if ill, and wearing a face mask in indoor public spaces.

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