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HomeNews1,100 car crashes every Christmas season in BC - ICBC

1,100 car crashes every Christmas season in BC – ICBC

With snow coming down all across the province, ICBC is reminding drivers to stay safe on the road this holiday season.

There are 1,100 car crashes every year in BC, injuring 310 and killing 2, on average.

In the North Central region, 14 people are hurt in 73 accidents.

Officials are strongly suggesting people stay off the highways this weekend as the province-wide storm rolls through, but if you do have to travel ICBC has safety reminders for you.

Winter tires are legally required on most highways, and all highways in the north.

Bring an emergency kit with a blanket, food, and water in case of a breakdown.

Slow down, the speed limit is set with ideal conditions in mind.

Stay alert, put the phone away and focus on the road, and take breaks when you need them.

10-15 cm of snow is supposed to fall on most of northern BC today.

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