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HomeNewsNew Felt Salmon Exhibit had help from 500 people

New Felt Salmon Exhibit had help from 500 people

The latest exhibit is on display the Smithers Art Gallery, one that is being called more “tactile” than past portraits.

This month feature “The Salmon Journey” by local artist Lori Knorr and displays felt salmon created by her and over 500 community members.

Gallery manager Caroline Bastable says it’s a bigger exhibit taking up the entire building.

“It’s literally wall-to-wall, so if anyone comes in it’s an extraordinary experience,” she says, “you come in through these felted bits of seaweed that are hung over the doorway and the you just enter a world of felt. It’s really amazing.”

Knorr says she had help from 500 community members.

“Some of them participated by dancing on the felt so some of them weren’t completely aware they were felting at the Midsummer Festival and at the Kispiox Valley Music Festival. But for 460 people, they definitely knew what they were doing,” Knorr says.

The grand opening will be this Friday evening from 7 PM – 9 PM. The exhibit will run until September 12th.

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