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HomeNewsUNBC's research income tops $15-million in 2022

UNBC’s research income tops $15-million in 2022

UNBC’s research funding has increased for the third straight year.

In 2022, the university’s research income rose by 9.1% to $15,200,000, the largest total in over a decade.

“It is demonstrating that we are doing quite well in attracting good graduate students, having faculty that are active in research, partnering up in our communities and so on,” Dr. Kathy Lewis, the Interim Vice-President of Research and Innovation, told My PG Now.

“It also means we are able to do more as we try to move forward in addressing major problems.”

UNBC President Dr. Geoff Payne said some of these studies include “examining the impacts of climate change on glaciers to studying the transition of economies in rural communities to exploring ways to make life-changing technology available to older adults and their caregivers, UNBC researchers are making discoveries and sharing their knowledge on important topics related to our region and the world.”

Compared to other schools, Dr. Lewis said UNBC is doing well nationally.

“We are ranked 42 overall this year. That is based on a number of indicators, not just the research income, but we are fairly well positioned of a university of our size. To even be on this list is fairly incredible.”

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