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District of Houston has finalized plan for Jamie Baxter Park

The District of Houston now has a finalized Jamie Baxter Park Master Plan.

“We started working with Urban Systems in July of 2021, that was when we started to engage in creating the master plan,” said Cassie Henrickson, Director of Leisure Services.

“We developed two concept plans and put out public engagement in the form of an online survey and also physical, as well as some posters around the community to showcase those two concept plans.”

Henrickson said the final plan was completed in November of last year.

“We wanted to ensure it was kind of our central hub, it was set up well for active transportation opportunities, as well as recreation opportunities for all ages and abilities,” Henrickson said.

Henrickson added that one of the main features would be a spray plaza.

“That was one thing we heard from the public quite a bit in the surveys, they really wanted a spray park,” she said.

“We incorporated that kind of in the center of our park. We’ve got a sheltered, covered space for picnic benches in the Summer, or if we’re hosting programs or events.”

Henrickson said the main focus for that area was making it a multi-purpose area.

She said the relocation and redevelopment of a playground within the park, that is in need of replacement and improvements was another element of the plan.

“We’re actually relocating it, as shown in the preferred plan, to be closer to that multi-purpose area, the skate park, and another large element is our multi-purpose sports court,” Henrickson said.

“All of that will be kind of a hub right in the center of the park, and we in addition to that have fitness equipment, right now we do have some that goes along the Buck Creek, kind of close to the walking bridge near Jamie Baxter Park, so we’re going to be relocating that fitness equipment into the park, and adding a few more elements into an ‘exercise loop.'”

She added the last two larger elements of the park would be the pump track and the revitalization of the camp ground.

Henrickson said the implementation of the plan would happen in three phases, over the course of 11-plus years.

“That is all reliant on grant funding, it really is dependent on what we can receive in terms of funding,” Henrickson explained.

“We’re also heading into council strategic planning currently, so that will also dictate whether we want to fund it through the district’s funds.”

Henrickson said the district has looked at funding opportunities through Destination BC, the Union of BC Municipalities, and others.

The plan has a price tag of $5.74 million, with a 30 per cent contingency fund.

The full plan can be found here.



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