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CNC library starting major pivot to digital resources

CNC is taking a major step toward becoming digital.

In a release, the college said “50,000 physical materials have been replaced with electronic content,” including over 200,000 online books, podcasts, and videos that were not previously available.

“We want to save the time of the learner,” explained Ignacio Albarracin, director of CNC’s Learning Commons and Academic Success.

“If we can point students towards reliable content that will work for their class, regardless of where they are or which campus they attend, the more likely they are to use the library in the future.”

The removal of physical books also means the removal of physical shelves, in that space the college will be opening more places to study and work.

Because of this, they will be dropping the library title and renaming the space the Learning Commons, and merging the space with the Academic Success Centre.

“Philosophically, the library and the Academic Success Centre should work together because we want to do seamless handoffs between the tutors and the librarians,” continued Albarracin.

“We don’t want it to be seen as remedial – like you’re only coming to us if you’re struggling in class. We want everyone to get the highest grades possible and have the best experience at CNC.”

All of these online resources will be available at all hours of the day to staff and students at all of CNC’s campuses.

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