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Northern Health to raise awareness on upcoming Eating Disorder Awareness Week

The first week of February is Eating Disorder Awareness Week, and Northern Health will be running a program to help raise awareness and provide support to impacted people.

Emilia Moulechkova, a population dietitian with Northern Health, told Vista Radio this is an important week every year.

“It aims to raise awareness about disordered eating preventions and ways we can promote a positive relationship with food and our bodies,” she said.

According to Moulechkova, lockdowns and isolation from the pandemic has increased the number of people who struggle with an eating disorder.

She said “social isolation, increased use of social media, increased exposure to unrealistic body ideals and harmful diet and fitness trends, and a lack of access to resources and support,” are all some factors that need to be accounted for.

She added the primary focus of the week is promoting a positive relationship between our bodies and food.

One tip, especially for youth, is to challenge and question messages seen on social media and heard in the world.

“Who created this message, what is their angle, what are they trying to sell us, and are they trying to say there is one way to eat or look. This can help open up conversations and normalize questioning things we see.”

One initiative Northern Health will be supporting next week is a panel run by Jessie’s Legacy, an eating disorder prevention group.

You can find more information on that here.

There is a Northern Health run eating disorder clinic in Prince George that is ready to help and provide support.

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