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HomeNewsShoppers Drug Mart removing plastic bags from checkout lines

Shoppers Drug Mart removing plastic bags from checkout lines

Starting today (Tuesday), Shoppers Drug Mart is no longer offering plastic bags to its customers across 1,350 Canadian stores.

The company says the move has been made to help fight climate change and pollution as a part of its environmental, social and governance goals.

“Our commitment to fight climate change by reducing our carbon footprint is an important part of our company’s purpose,” said Pat Dean, the Senior Vice President and Front Store & Category Management of Shoppers Drug Mart.

“Cleaner communities make for healthier communities, and we’re pleased to do our part to reduce the amount of single-use plastic entering our natural environment.”

Shoppers is encouraging their customers to bring their own reusable bags, but they said they will have a “variety of reusable alternatives” available as well.

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