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BV Rod and Gun Club Director glad Bill C-21 amendments withdrawn

BV Rod and Gun Club Director Brian Atherton said the amendments to Bill C-21 were a “sucker punch in the stomach” and that the withdrawal of them was a step in the right direction.

On Friday, the federal government announced that it was dropping recent amendments to Bill C-21 which would have broadened the scope of the bill to include firearms commonly used by hunters and farmers.

According to Atherton, this was a major win for gun owners in the area saying that if it had gone through it would have impacted many people in the area.

“For the 99.9 percent of Canadians that follow the law, there is no problems,” Atherton said in an interview with Vista Radio. “We have had good laws in Canada and we just need those laws enforced.”

When the bill was first introduced, Atherton mentioned the club was worried that the Liberal government was going after those that legally owned guns rather than dealing with those that broke the law and not having enough penalties for when people do.

“The trouble with any law is that it only applies to the law abiding,” He added, saying that it’s simple to get guns across the United States border into Canada.

Atherton also mentioned that the amendments already had an effect on the area as a local business closed its doors after they were announced.

He stated that there was also a risk to the club itself saying once handguns were banned, people would no longer be required to join a club which would drop their number of members down significantly.

“Canadians need these ranges around the country because the RCMP use them for training, the sheriffs use them for training, parks people use them for training, federal fisheries use them for training, and the list goes on.”

He mentioned that it wasn’t just the people speaking up against the bill, but also the police service and other law enforcement agencies.

“I really hope the Canadian people keep this up and we hold whatever government is in power to account, so that they’re managing the job we have given them to the best interest of the Canadian people.” stated Atherton.

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