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Witset working to break a leg with a new stage

The Witset First Nation is working to get a new stage built at the Witset baseball park.

They are planning for the community to have a say in the stage’s architecture, design, and what events take place.

This will replace the old stage which had its roof removed due to cracking trusses.

Sustainable Community Development Officer Rebecca Morris said she hopes allowing people to have a say in the design and what happens will give people a sense of ownership and reduce the potential for vandalism.

Today (Thursday), an information session was held to explain what some of the plans were and to also get community feedback and opinions on what should happen with the stage.

The plan is for the new stage to be about 50 ft long and 30 ft deep with First Nation elements tied into the architecture and built out of wood that’s been sourced from the area.

Morris said the plan is to break ground either this year or next, depending on what input the community adds.

“We’re really open to whatever comes out of what the community would like to see and it’s exciting.”

Music festivals are something Morris would like to see happen in Witset and depending on the feedback, could be something that happens.

“People are wanting more people from outside the community coming to enjoy the facilities and enjoy what we have to offer. It’s such a beautiful space.”

Morris said there’s also a plan to use the stage as a multi-use space, and could be fitted to do outdoor movies.

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