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Smithers family enjoyed time on Family Feud Canada

Even though they lost the game, the Gorbahn family enjoyed their experience on the show.

Last night (Tuesday), CBC aired a new episode of Family Feud Canada which featured the local Gorbahn family.

Dana Gorbahn said that the experience was one of the best he’s ever had.

“The experience from the moment we got accepted to do an audition, the first part of that was just one of  the funnest hours that me and my family had on a zoom call, or even at any time. We just laughed the whole time.”

Dana and his children Kai, Taaron, Kaleb, and Jadyn went to Toronto to do the filming which while they had lost, was a win on its own.

“We didn’t win, but we won over $10,000 in a family vacation to go to Toronto and do the filming there.”

Since recording, Dana said that locking his front door at night has reminded him of the loss every time.

“The last question went over to [the other family] and it was a question about ‘what would you regret?’ Living in Smithers, I would not regret locking my door although it was one thing that came to my mind, and I’m a pretty religious person too and I wouldn’t regret praying but I’d more regret leaving my dog outside.”

While not locking the door was a correct answer for the question, the other family got to use it, winning the game.

While it was a fun trip and an amazing experience, Dana said that they were exhausted by the end of it all.

If you weren’t able to catch the episode live, you can watch it on CBC Gem.

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