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‘He’s no John Horgan’: BC Liberals, Greens accuse premier of mismanagement and filibustering

The BC Liberals and the BC Green Party joined forces on Tuesday to call out Premier David Eby and his NDP government for wasting time and being ill-prepared for the spring sitting of legislature.

Columbia-River Revelstoke MLA Doug Clovechok said the NDP has been drawing out housekeeping bills because they don’t have other bills ready for debate.

“It’s really frustrating in Victoria these days,” he added. “The legislature is sitting right now and it’s usually the busiest session that we have.

The problem is the NDP for the last two and a half weeks have had absolutely no bills that have had any impact on British Columbians.”

He said Eby has been getting the party to filibuster so they don’t have to end the daily sittings early.

“The speakers yesterday stood up like trained seals and read off their scripts, which meant absolutely nothing to the terms of the bill,” he added.

“I’ve never seen anything like this before. If this is David Eby’s 100 days of his big plan, we’re in big trouble in this province.”

Clovechok said it’s a disrespect he hasn’t seen from past NDP leaders.

“The arrogance that comes off that guy. I hate to be critical of others and say things like that, but the arrogance he has is unbelievable,” he added.

“For him to approve this filibustering is absolutely disrespectful to British Columbians, it’s disrespectful to the house and disrespectful to all of his colleagues.”

While they didn’t always see eye to eye, Clovechok said when John Horgan was in charge, legislative sessions were never this mismanaged.

“He’s no John Horgan, that’s for sure. John Horgan never would have let this happen.”

Both the BC Liberals and Greens are looking for more bills to debate regarding issues that are top of mind for British Columbians.

Clovechok said it’s currently a waste of time as well as a waste of tax dollars.

“It is a complete and total waste of taxpayers’ money. For me, it demonstrates if David Eby and his NDP can’t even manage the house, it’s no wonder the results continue to get worse in healthcare, public safety and housing and affordability.”

Eby is insisting his government has been passing really important legislation and there is more to come.

with files from Josiah Spyker, My East Kootenay Now staff

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