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HomeNewsFour students from Central Interior Science Exhibition headed to Canada-Wide Science Fair

Four students from Central Interior Science Exhibition headed to Canada-Wide Science Fair

The Central Interior Science Exhibition returned to UNBC this past Saturday.

The yearly exhibition host students in grades 4-12 in School Districts 28, 57, and 91.

“It went very well, it’s the first time we’ve done it in person in a number of years because of COVID-19,” said CISE Board Chair Dr. Todd Whitcombe.

“We didn’t have as many entries as we would have liked, but we’re back to being an in-person fair, we’ll be an in-person fair next year, and I’m quite sure that we will get lots and lots of kids now entering in the science fairs.”

Whitcombe said there were several projects that caught his eye.

“There was a young woman who had made multiple paper airplanes of different designs and was testing out how far they would fly and long they would stay in the air,” Whitcombe said.

“We had a young boy who was looking at different types of wood and how fast they burnt, how they burnt, how much ash they left.”

“We had a young man who built his own homemade ventilator using a bellows that you would use to pump up a mattress and a motor. He had essentially invented the ventilator all over again but made it out of spare parts.”

Following Saturday’s exhibition, five students from the exhibition will be headed to the Canada-Wide Science Fair in Edmonton.

  • Prabnoor Sidhu, looking at environmental clean-up, cleaning up garbage through an automated system.
  • Mackenzie Hunter, looking at the various pH levels in different systems of river water.
  • Coby MacLellan, looking at the effects of ethaline on the ripening of fruits and vegetables.
  • Kiah and Kate Thiessen-Clark, looking at various volumes of soaps and how different formulations behave when acting as soaps.

The full list of award winners can be found here.

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