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HomeNewsWinter tire regulations still in effect despite balmy conditions

Winter tire regulations still in effect despite balmy conditions

Even though it feels a lot like spring outside, northern drivers still need winter tires on for another month.

According to the Road Safety At Work, winter tires are still required for highways located through mountain passes and/or high snowfall areas until April 30th.

In addition, winter tires or chains are still required on designated highways around the Fraser Fort-George region through March 31st.

Spokesperson, Trace Acres told Vista Radio the weather can still change on a dime as we shift into the spring.

“Who knows what may happen over the next six weeks? You might be caught in a sudden snowstorm and then wish you would have kept your winter tires on – it’s definitely a good idea to keep them on.”

“You should keep those tires on for as long as we are seeing low temperatures. On highways, there are winter tire regulations in place and certainly, in the north and in the Prince George area the regulations are in effect until April 30th.”

Acres adds winter tires provide better traction and stopping performance when temperature drop below seven degrees celsius and on wet, snowy, or icy roads.

“They are made of a different rubber compound that adheres better to the pavement at low temperatures. And of course, the forecast for the next little while, we are still going to see some of those low temperatures.”

“As noted, a lot of melting snow is seen this time of year with a lot of water on the roads. It’s a pretty good idea to keep those winter tires on until the break up is through and we are seeing close to spring and summer conditions again,” added Acres.

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