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Questionnaire released by Province about Lakes Resiliency Project

The Province of BC is asking the public to complete a questionnaire about the draft Current Condition Report as part of the Lakes Resiliency Project.

An online questionnaire about the project will be open until May 12th and will support the creation of the forest landscape plan, which will help strengthen ecosystem management.

The report looks at the health of the forest ecosystem in the Lakes Timber Supply Area, which covers Burns Lake, Decker Lake, and Grassy Plains.

It also covers the resource value in the area and the current state of fish, water, wildlife, and wetlands.

The Lakes Resiliency Project is one of four pilot tables in the province, established in 2019 following severe wildfires in 2018. 

The tables will assist in creating and operating eight new tables announced by the Province in February 2023, with funding of $25 million.

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