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HomeNewsNechako Lakes MLA announces bid for BC Conservative Party leadership

Nechako Lakes MLA announces bid for BC Conservative Party leadership

John Rustad’s unorthodox climb up the political ranks in BC has taken another turn.

The longtime Nechako Lakes MLA announced he will be running for the leadership of the Conservative Party of BC.

Last month, Rustad crossed the floor and joined the Conservatives after several months of representing his riding as an independent.

In August of 2022, Rustad’s 17-year run with the BC Liberals ended following some controversial social media posts on climate change.

Currently, Trevor Bolin is the Conservative’s interim party leader. Rustad is not the only Vanderhoof-area politician to run for the party’s top job.

In September 2016, Dan Brooks was named Conservative Leader. However, he was ousted a mere five weeks later due to a technicality.

Brooks was also the party head from 2014 until February of that when he stepped aside for family reasons.

Rustad issued the following statement on his leadership bid:

I’m running for leader of the Conservative Party of British Columbia because this government refuses to listen to British Columbians, and the so-called official opposition refuses to oppose. Our province needs a new option with genuine, principled leadership.

British Columbians deserve a party that is going to fight for British Columbia — not just for it’s own party insiders and elites. We all deserve a political party that is honest, open, and behaves with integrity.

I refuse to play the typical political games; I’m going to be straight up with British Columbians. I’m not going to sit on my laurels or wait around to check which way the wind is blowing before making a decision.

I am the only MLA who has publicly supported the freedom movement in our province. I am proudly pro-freedom and pro-trucker, and I’m fighting to end mandates and hire back our healthcare heroes.

The time for wishy-washy, weak leadership is over. We need to fight for British Columbia.

We need to fight for affordability for families; for good paying jobs so British Columbians can work hard and get ahead; for parents rights to teach their children their family values; for our fundamental freedoms to travel, work, attend faith services and live life unimpeded. These are things that we can no longer take for granted.

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