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Concerns voiced about amendments to Parks and Open Spaces bylaw

Last night (Monday), the Town of Smithers held a public forum about amending the Parks and Open Spaces bylaw.

According to a statement, they are required to have space on public land for temporary overnight sheltering.

The meeting was attended by numerous community members with various views on the bylaw and what the town should do.

Many concerns around the cleanliness of spaces used were brought up by many, along with problems around designating town playgrounds.

Smithers Mayor Gladys Atrill mentioned that playgrounds would not be allocated as sites for overnight sheltering.

Many also proposed leaving the encampment where it is, with others saying the town should move the camp.

Businesses also voiced concerns about the recent vandalisms and robberies in the downtown core.

Some came to voice the issues those living in tents face and how they came to live in one.

Council will continue discussions about the amendment at the April 11th meeting.

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