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United the BC Liberals stand

Today (Tuesday) is the last day the B-C Liberal party will be known as…..the B-C Liberal party.

Tomorrow, its name officially changes to B-C United.

The change was a major plank in Kevin Falcon’s successful bid for the party’s leadership.

He argued the name had some “unfortunate” links to the federal Liberals, to which it has no connection.

During a January interview with Vista Radio, Prince George-Valemount MLA Shirley Bond stated the success they previously enjoyed wasn’t for a lack of effort, it had more to do with the party platform not falling in line with the current population base.

“The most important message is the one the voters send you. Across the province, it was clear our message at the time and our direction did not resonate with British Columbians. It doesn’t mean we didn’t work hard – in fact, we had one of the strongest economies in the country and the best job creation in Canada.”

“A lot of those measures showed how incredible hard work paid off for British Columbia, but somewhere residents felt we were not listening to them and they sent us that message at the ballot box.”

In addition, Prince George-Mackenzie representative Mike Morris noted while fighting for northern residents is top of mind, reaching certain pockets of the population is vital given that many are struggling with rising food and fuel prices.

“What we are trying to do is rebuild ourselves to be that big-tent party that we always have been but we want it to be more inclusive of a whole bunch of British Columbians and I think a name change is a step in that direction.”

With an election a year and a half away, Morris thought it was best for the party due to specific political gamesmanship that can be played from time to time.

“We never know if the NDP are going to violate the election laws again and call an early or snap election right when we are in the middle of rebranding so we need to do it sooner than later.”

Officials say the change now will give people 18 months to get used to the new name before the next provincial election.

with files from Vista Radio newswire

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