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Number of puppies in BC SPCA care on the rise this year

The BC SPCA has seen an increase into the number of puppies coming into care in 2023.

As of April 5th, the BC SPCA had seen almost 350 puppies come into care, compared to 200 at the same time last year.

In the Prince George region, there were 70 pups taken into care between January and April, a slight increase from 56 in the same time last year.

The BC SPCA’s Senior Officer of Protection Eileen Drever said many of the puppies are from backyard breeders who were breeding their dogs during the pandemic when demand for pets was high.

“It’s really unfortunate that animals are being exploited, and these individuals, they don’t care about the health of the animals, you don’t know what you’re purchasing,” Drever said.

“It’s a case of buyer beware, as well as the more we purchase these puppies, the more we’re keeping these individuals in business.”

Drever added the increase puts a large strain on their branches in a few different ways.

“We don’t want young puppies in our centres, ideally, we would send them into foster home, even then, that takes a toll on our foster givers,” she explained.

“It’s continuous round the clock care for not just the mom, but the puppies as well, and we rely a great deal on our volunteers.”

Drever encourages anyone who wishes to adopt a pet to do so from a reputable breeder, or from the BC SPCA or another reputable rescue organization.

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