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Bulkley Valley Bruisers to play their first home game

For the first time ever, the Bulkley Valley Bruisers will be going against the PG Thrashers on home territory. 

The Bulkley Valley Roller Derby Association started five years ago in Houston, bringing in players, coaches, and referees from communities between Houston and Hazelton. 

“Our team is comprised of a lot of different skill levels, and we’ve only been an organization for 5 years,” said co-founder and coach Ann Bello. 

Going into their first home game, she’s confident in the team’s performance. 

“Our team is really good, and we know the PG crew well. They host a lot of scrimmages and a lot of our girls, even though they haven’t played in our games, they’ve played in other games in other teams.” 

She added that in the past month, the Bruisers have played games with and against the Thrashers and that the home game will bring its own challenges. 

The name BV Bruisers was chosen in a 2018 team vote, which she says came from players complaining about the number of bruises appearing after practices and scrimmages. 

Bello said the Roller Derby Moose logo was her idea and that she wanted something that represented the area. 

“If you look at roller derby logos, there’s always a girl in roller skates. Although they’re cool, they don’t pinpoint where they’re from.” 

In the past years, they haven’t had enough players to form a full team, with some instead playing on other teams such as the Thrashers. 

According to Bello, the team trains at the Claude Perish Memorial Arena in Houston during the summer and in Davidson Hall at the Smithers Fall Fair Grounds the rest of the year. 

The association also helps around the community as designated drivers for events such as weddings and other private events. 

Action takes place May 27th at the Smithers Civic Centre. Tickets are available at the door 

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