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Twenty artists participate in the Burns Lake Centennial Artist search

The candidates for The Search for Burns Lake’s Centennial Artist have been announced. 

As part of the village’s centennial celebrations, they’ll be commissioning one Burns Lake artist to create an art piece commemorating the village’s first 100 years. 

In finding the artist to be commissioned, 20 will be challenged to create an outdoor art piece at Spirit Square this July in only four hours. 

Contestants will be provided with an easel and sunshade, with other materials being provided by the artist. 

“Creating a finished work of art in a few hours isn’t easy,” said Michael Riis-Christianson, curator of the Lakes District Museum and Gallery. 

“Add to that the difficulties associated with working outdoors—changing light, variable weather, insects, and spectators, to name a few—and you have an event that will challenge even the most accomplished artist. Plein air can be a recipe for disaster or a formula for greatness. We can’t wait to see what these people produce.” 

Plein air is a style of painting where an artist goes somewhere outdoors and paints what they see in front of them. 

Successful candidates will receive a $100 gratuity even if they don’t win. 

“Everyone wins in this event,” said Riis-Christianson.  

“The artists will get paid just for showing up and producing art, and the community gets to see them at work.” 

Artists participating in the event are: 

  • Barb Durban-Wilson 
  • Hilda Earl 
  • Patricia Haley 
  • Lynda Peebles 
  • Teresa Wojdak 
  • Xandria Ahlbrand 
  • Sarah Belford 
  • Susan Chretien 
  • Annamarie Douglas 
  • Kara Palmer 
  • Diane Brown 
  • Janette Derksen 
  • Gemma Elliott 
  • Clare Singleton 
  • Sydney Van Tine 
  • Gracie Funk 
  • Dale Kalhood 
  • Erin Martens 
  • Roohie Moudgil 
  • Leona Peden 

Painting will take place every Saturday in July with five artists participating in each event. 

Other artists from the Lakes are invited to participate as there is a wildcard finalist entry available for those who do. 

“Being crowned Burns Lake’s Centennial Artist will bring one artist a lot of recognition,” Riis-Christianson said.  

“And who knows? It may be a springboard to other opportunities.” 

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