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HomeNewsHigh power demands expected this weekend

High power demands expected this weekend

With the upcoming high temperatures, BC Hydro is predicting equally high electricity demands. 

As the forecast breaks temperature records across many parts of the province, air conditioning units and fans will be turned on to keep cool. 

The crown corporation issued the following statement: 

“While the demand on the electricity system will be higher, it will only be about two-thirds of what is typically recorded on the coldest days of the year.” 

Steps to ensure safety are also being taken, including canceling planned outages where possible to ensure access to electricity for keeping cool isn’t affected. 

Some ways you can save money while keeping cool include: 

  • Closing the drapes and blinds 
  • Using a fan 
  • Cooling with a heat pump 
  • Going ductless 
  • Choosing Energy Star certified products 

You can learn more on BC Hydro’s website. 

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