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Cone Zone Campaign returns for 2023

The annual Cone Zone Campain was back in full force on Monday.

The province-wide campaign, run by Road Safety at Work, works to spread awareness around roadside worker safety and the importance of slowing down through work zones.

President Trace Acres said 12 people have died in roadside work zones over the past 10 years.

“Another 221 have been injured seriously enough to have to take time off work, and that’s too many,” he said.

He added slowing down near road work zones isn’t the only thing that can be done to reduce the number of fatalities.

“The main thing is to pay attention. Stay off your phone and avoid any kind of distraction because there’s a lot going on in a roadside work zone.”

Speeding through work zones is a Motor Vehicle offence and can land you a fine of $196 to $253, using a mobile device illegally while driving could land you a $368 fine.

When traveling in a zone where the maximum speed limit is 80 Km/h or higher, it is required to slow to 70 Km/h through a work zone.

Areas under 80 Km/h are required to slow to 40 Km/h.

Acres added if there are multiple lanes, move into the left lane to provide extra room for crews to work.

“We still have a lot of work to do to increase awareness and to make sure that people are following the rules and are respectful of people who are working at the roadside.”

The campaign runs until the end of August.

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